My experience trying out this new design tool for the first time.

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For transparency: This article was sponsored by the Wondershare Mockitt team. That said, I’m genuinely happy to share my thoughts after having had a great experience with the tool and getting the opportunity to learn something new.

To quickly introduce the product for those who are unfamiliar, Wondershare Mockitt is a prototyping and collaboration tool, similar to the likes of your Figmas, Sketches, and so on, with a few unique features here and there that made using it an enjoyable and easy ride, with a fairly low learning curve to getting started.

To test out this new tool, I tried…

5 tips to get more out of usability testing.

Images in this article are side-by-side comparisons of what not to do (labeled “left”) versus what to do (labeled “right”).
Images in this article are side-by-side comparisons of what not to do (labeled “left”) versus what to do (labeled “right”).

UX design is the practice of making technology more usable and enjoyable for users. Sure, this sounds easy enough, but as Kate Moran of the Nielsen Norman Group could tell you, “even the best UX designers can’t design a perfect — or even good enough — user experience” on their first try.

This is exactly where usability testing, and the idea of iterative design, comes in. The popular research method involves learning from participants (aka potential users of your product) by observing them perform a set of tasks.

This is one of my favorite parts of the entire design process…

How I’m Learning to Collaborate and Win as a Team

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The Root of My Evils

For the past three years, I ran a moving & storage company in my college town. This management experience taught me to be a confident team leader and to always take responsibility when things went wrong.

Tied to this, though, was my learned tendency to micromanage because, after all, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Now, this saying is great when it means getting your hands dirty with that DIY backyard project. But, it can become a slippery slope, especially when the to-do list is too muddy for a single pair of gloves.

In my box-moving days…

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