Exploring Alternatives: Wondershare Mockitt for Prototyping

My experience trying out this new design tool for the first time.

“Tutorial” for this below. Mockup thanks to plugin by ls.graphics.


Took about a minute to set up an account and I was in.


Nothing life-changing, but pretty nifty for hitting the ground running on some universal components you’re going to need anyway.
Since I was modeling after my phone that’s in dark mode, I quickly changed the universal components to match with a few clicks.
Here’s one of those unique features I was referring to earlier. A built-in icons menu lets you search for and insert icons from some popular libraries such as Material Design. Pretty much just takes the place of separate plugins I would normally use on Figma.
Combining a few shapes and icons gave us this.
Separately, this is showing how I set the fixed bottom navigation on a scrollable screen. Different than what I’m used to, but intuitive nonetheless: just drag the arrow on the left to the height of your bottom nav; anything under gets fixed, anything above it is free to move.


You can see in the menu on the right-hand side just how intuitive this was to make.
This was also fairly simple. Just added in a filled state and adjusted events to allow for the toggling interaction to happen.



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